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Dargol is a chemical pesticide that had been used on the planet Vyus. It adversely affected the environment and caused infertility, and consequently it had been banned for more than 20 years. When Linea came to Vyus, she discovered that dargol had the ability to slow the aging process, and her experiments to restore youth led to an accident in which enhanced dargol gas entered the population. The chain reaction caused the entire population to become instantly young, and a residue settling in the brain synapses blocked all memories from before the accident. The accident came to be known on Vyus as the Vorlix. With the help of the SGC, an antidote was developed which reversed the effects of the dargol and cured the global amnesia.

Cross Reference: Ke'ra, Linea, Mayris, Orner, Vorlix, Vyans, Vyus

Episode Reference: Past and Present