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When Linea escaped from Hadante prison with SG-1, she used the stargate to travel to Vyus. There she continued her scientific research and collaborated with Dr. Zirvis in a series of experiments designed to slow the aging process. However, her experiments led to the Vorlix, a catastrophic accident in which she and the entire population became instantly young, and lost all memory of their past. Afterward, Linea took the name Ke'ra and became the Minister of Health, Science, and Restructuring in the Vyus transitional government. With the help of her brilliant knowledge of chemistry and medicine, the SGC was able to develop an antidote for the amnesia of the Vyans. However, as Ke'ra's memories returned, she realized her identity as Linea, the Destroyer of Worlds. She agreed to allow her memory to be erased once again, and she returned to Vyus to continue her life as Ke'ra.

Portrayed by: Megan Leitch

Cross Reference: Dargol, Linea, Mayris, Orner, Vorlix, Vyans, Vyus

Episode Reference: Past and Present