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Colonel Davidson

Colonel Davidson became the commanding officer of the Odyssey following the death of Colonel Emerson at the hands of Lucian Alliance renegade Anateo. He commanded the mission to verify intelligence acquired from Vala's father, Jacek, concerning a plot by Arkad to destroy Earth. On a planet identified by Jacek, the team detected 12 life signs and enormous amounts of naquadah, which seemed to verify Jacek's story that cargo ships carrying naquadah were preparing for the attack. Odyssey fired at the target, causing a massive explosion, and it was assumed that Arkad's threat to Earth had been eliminated. Colonel Davidson also commanded the mission to recover Adria from Ba'al's mothership. Adria was brought aboard the Odyssey, where surgery was performed to remove Ba'al's symbiote, and Adria later ascended.

Portrayed by: Fulvio Cecere

Cross Reference: Odyssey

Episode Reference: Family Ties, Dominion