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The Jaffa De'vir wore the same tattoo as that worn by Arkad, and he had been involved in Arkad's plot to attack Earth using cloaked cargo ships filled with naquadah. A small contingent of Jaffa had already arrived on Earth with one of the cargo ships, however some of the Jaffa had begun to have second thoughts about the planned attack. Jacek, Vala's father, had known some of the Jaffa from a weapon smuggling operation he used to run, and he made contact with Te'rak outside Colorado Springs to negotiate a deal to sell the naquadah and split the profits. When Te'rak was apprehended and killed by Daniel, however, De'vir and his contingent of six Jaffa changed their plans and intended to carry out the attack after all. SG-1 provided backup as Jacek confronted De'vir and was told he was no longer part of the deal. In the ensuing shootout, De'vir and his men were killed, and the cloaked cargo ship of naquadah was recovered by SG-1.

Portrayed by: Paul Wu

Cross Reference: Jacek, Jaffa, Te'rak

Episode Reference: Family Ties