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Julia Donovan

Julia Donovan, an investigative reporter and host of the television news program "Inside Access," had pursued an information leak to investigate the Prometheus project. Her story was stopped at the request of the President, but she and her producer, Al Martell, agreed to reveal the leak in exchange for an exclusive story and tour of the Prometheus facility. However, her camera crew consisted of rogue NID agents, and Julia was among the hostages when the Prometheus was hijacked. She was returned safely after the incident, but was held to a nondisclosure agreement which prevented her story from becoming public.

When industrialist Alec Colson claimed to have proof of alien life and Carter was ordered to publicly discredit him, Donovan cooperated with Carter and welcomed her as a guest to "Inside Access," where Carter presented a holographic image of an Asgard on live television in order to give the impression that Colson's revelation had been merely special effects. Following the incident in which the Halcyon Tower in downtown Seattle was beamed into space before its detonation by Ba'al, Donovan presented her investigative report including unanswered questions and the official explanation of a gas line explosion.

Julia Donovan was also present in a parallel universe when Carter was drawn into an alternate reality and was hailed as a hero for saving Earth from an Ori attack. Donovan welcomed Carter as a guest to "Inside Access," but when Carter used the television appearance to voice her concern about the suppression of civil liberties, the live feed was abruptly cut.

Portrayed by: Kendall Cross

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Universal Bridge, Alec Colson, Halcyon Tower, Inside Access, Jones, Al Martell, Prometheus, Smith

Episode Reference: Prometheus, Covenant, Ex Deus Machina, The Road Not Taken