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Inside Access

"Inside Access" is a television news program specializing in tabloid journalism. Investigative reporter and host Julia Donovan first contacted Carter as part of an investigation into the Prometheus, which an unconfirmed leak had suggested was a kind of fusion reactor. She was granted a tour of the Prometheus in exchange for revealing her leak, but was held to a nondisclosure agreement that prevented her story from ever airing. Carter later appeared on "Inside Access" when she was ordered to discredit Alec Colson's evidence of alien life, and she presented a holographic image of an Asgard during her live interview with Julia Donovan to suggest that Colson's revelation was merely special effects. As a reporter in the field, Julia Donovan also reported from the site of the Halcyon Tower after it had mysteriously vanished from downtown Seattle. When Carter was drawn into a parallel universe and hailed as a hero for saving Earth from an Ori attack, Carter again appeared as a guest on "Inside Access" with Julia Donovan in the alternate reality and used the television appearance as a platform to speak out for improved foreign relations and the restoration of civil liberties, however the live feed was abruptly cut by the government.

Cross Reference: Alternate Reality - Universal Bridge, Julia Donovan, Inside Access Producer, Al Martell

Episode Reference: Prometheus, Covenant, Ex Deus Machina, The Road Not Taken