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Edorans, the inhabitants of Edora, are probably descendants of people from Earth brought to the planet by the Goa'uld thousands of years ago and long since abandoned. They live a simple existence similar to early rural Europe, and practice ancestor worship. Most Edorans welcomed relations with Earth, but many were suspicious when SG-1 warned that the annual meteor shower, known as "fire rain," was an indication that an impact event was imminent. Approximately two thirds of the population willingly evacuated through the stargate to Earth as meteorites struck the planet, however the village was destroyed, many of those who remained behind were killed, and the stargate was buried, leaving O'Neill and the surviving villagers trapped on the planet. After three months, a means to reopen the gate was discovered, the population returned and began to rebuild, and a trade agreement between Earth and Edora was established.

Cross Reference: Edora, Fire Rain, Garan, Laira, Naytha, Paynan

Episode Reference: A Hundred Days