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Laira, a widow with a grown son, is a native of Edora. During the meteor shower known as fire rain, her son, Garan, and his girlfriend, Naytha, fled to the caves for safety, and when Laira and O'Neill followed to search for them, they were unable to escape from the planet before the stargate was buried by a meteorite. O'Neill was stranded on Edora with no way to return to Earth, but Laira took him into her home, and as they grew closer, she asked him to give her a child. Three months later, when the gate was uncovered and O'Neill returned to Earth, Laira chose to stay behind, leaving open the question of whether she was carrying the child for whom she had hoped.

Portrayed by: Michele Greene

Cross Reference: Edora, Edorans, Fire Rain, Garan, Naytha, Jack O'Neill, Paynan

Episode Reference: A Hundred Days