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Gavos was one of Netan's lieutenants, or seconds, in the Lucian Alliance. As Netan's leadership faced mounting dissent among his seconds, and rumors of betrayal and mutiny began to spread, Netan called a gathering of some of his top lieutenants to deal with the betrayal of Anateo. Over dinner, aboard Netan's mothership, the seconds challenged Netan's decision to order the attack on the Odyssey, insisting the plan was madness and would only bring the wrath of the Tauri upon them. Gavos angrily demanded that Netan should have consulted with his seconds before taking such action, and for his insolence he was promptly shot and killed by Netan over dinner, instantly quieting the protests of the other lieutenants.

Portrayed by: Hawthorne James

Cross Reference: Kefflin, Lucian Alliance, Netan, Slaviash

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves