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Kefflin was one of Netan's most loyal and trusted lieutenants, or seconds, in the Lucian Alliance. A brutal killer with a notorious temper, Kefflin was extremely reclusive and was known to most of the Alliance only by reputation. He oversaw a large kassa production operation on a remote group of planets on the outskirts of the galaxy, and rarely, if ever, left his command ship. Consequently very few, if any, of Netan's inner circle had ever met him. When Mitchell needed access to Netan, Kefflin provided the perfect candidate for impersonation, and Mitchell used the Reol chemical to disguise himself and infiltrate the Lucian Alliance as Kefflin. Netan warmly welcomed Mitchell aboard his ship, believing him to be his old friend, and Mitchell's disguise worked until Tenat came aboard the ship and recognized Mitchell by sight.

Portrayed by: Scott McNeil

Cross Reference: Gavos, Lucian Alliance, Netan, Reol Chemical, Slaviash

Episode Reference: Company of Thieves