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Histaminolytic Virus

A highly contagious parasitical histaminolytic virus infected many inhabitants of the Land of Light and spread among the personnel at the SGC including O'Neill, Carter, Daniel, and Hammond. Caused by an organism in the bloodstream, it feeds on histamines and neurotransmitters, and releases hormones which stimulate the normally dormant primitive regions of the brain, resulting in physical and behavioral changes resembling primitive man, and heightened aggression and violence. A low histamine level in the body provides a natural immunity. Dr. Fraiser was protected from the organism because of a low histamine level due to regular doses of antihistamines, and Daniel only contracted the disease after his allergy medication had worn off. SG-1 was able to cure the disease in themselves and in the planet's inhabitants with mega doses of chlorpheniramine maleate.

Cross Reference: Lieutenant Johnson, Land of Light, Leedora, Colonel Makepeace, Melosha, Touched, Tuplo, Untouched

Episode Reference: The Broca Divide