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An iris was installed on the SGC stargate to prevent unauthorized entry. Each SG member, while off-world, wears a GDO remote transmitter device which can send an identification code, or IDC, to signal the SGC to open the iris and allow for incoming travelers. The IDC transmission can be received through a closed iris, and a response can be sent back through the incoming wormhole indicating if it is safe to proceed. Each SG team and certain Earth allies have a unique remote access code, or iris code, which is changed periodically for security reasons. The computer has recognized a code of 32-333-0 for O'Neill and SG-1. The Replicator First reached into O'Neill's subconscious mind and read the iris code as 903224637.

Cross Reference: Authorization Codes, GDO, Iris, Sagan Box

First Introduced: Children of the Gods

Specifically Named: Small Victories

Specific Code Identification: Fire and Water, Bane, Unnatural Selection