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Jim was the incarnation of Anubis in an alternate plane of existence between mortal life and ascension. When Daniel was killed by Replicator Carter, Oma Desala offered him a second chance to choose ascension, and appeared to him as a waitress in a diner drawn from his memory. As the Others kept watch silently as patrons in the diner, Jim, a jovial customer with a fondness for pie and coffee, was the only other person to acknowledge Daniel. He introduced himself simply as "Jim," someone who, like Oma, operated "somewhat outside the normal rules and regulations." Using newspaper headlines and enigmatic hints about Daniel's previous experience as an ascended being, he slowly revealed clues about his true identity and his scheme to destroy the galaxy without fear of reprisal. Oma insisted that Anubis could not be killed, and although the Others took no action to stop him, Oma at last made the decision to intervene, and she confronted him. As each took on the non-corporeal form of the Others, their glowing energies united as one, locked in a struggle for all eternity, and the galaxy was spared.

Portrayed by: George Dzundza

Cross Reference: Anubis, Ascension, Daniel Jackson, Oma Desala, Others

Episode Reference: Threads