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Major Kearney

Major Kearney, an SGC officer, was among the personnel involved in the search for Anubis on the base. Following the destruction of Anubis's fleet over Antarctica, the disembodied entity of Anubis survived and inhabited several people in an attempt to use a host body as a means to escape through the stargate. Kearney reported the attack of an airman by Malcolm McCaffrey while possessed by Anubis. When Anubis later possessed the body of O'Neill, he ordered Kearney to ready his key to jointly activate the self destruct of the base, then zatted Kearney after he had complied, and attempted to make his escape.

Portrayed by: Aaron Pearl

Cross Reference: Lieutenant Evans, Anatole Konstantinov, Malcolm McCaffrey, Alexi Vaselov

Episode Reference: Lockdown