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Anatole Konstantinov

Anatole Konstantinov, a Russian cosmonaut, had served on the International Space Station. Following the destruction of Anubis's fleet over Antarctica, the non-corporeal entity of Anubis inhabited space debris and entered the Space Station, taking Konstantinov as a host. Shortly after completing his tour of duty in space, Konstantinov fell ill with symptoms of skin lesions, a highly elevated white blood count, and memory loss, and he died less than a week later in a Moscow hospital. The official cause of death was listed as renal failure, although the true cause, exposure as a host to Anubis, was never diagnosed. Konstantinov's old friend, Alexi Vaselov, had visited him in the hospital shortly before he died, and the entity of Anubis took Vaselov as a new host.

Portrayed by: Arvydas Lebeliunas

Cross Reference: Anubis, Lieutenant Evans, International Space Station, Major Kearney, Malcolm McCaffrey, Russians, Alexi Vaselov

Episode Reference: Lockdown