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Langara is the new name given to planet P2S-4C3. Historically, the three major powers of the planet, Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation, have quarreled over grievances that go back generations, and several times they have reached the point of global war. Following Kelowna's use of its naquadria weapon, and the defeat of Anubis in the battle for the planet, the three major powers agreed to an uneasy peace and formed a Joint Ruling Council. The name Langara was chosen by committee and taken from an ancient dialect common to all three nations as a symbol of their new unity. However, international relations remained strained, and when the expansion of naquadria deep underground threatened to obliterate Kelowna and render the planet uninhabitable, representatives of the Joint Ruling Council turned to the SGC for help in averting the crisis.

Negotiations among First Minister Dreylock of Kelowna, Vin Eremal of Tirania, and Lucia Tarthus of the Andari Federation proved fruitless, especially when it was discovered that the Kelownan naquadria bomb may have precipitated the crisis. The SGC recommended evacuating the Langarans to Madronus, a planet 14,000 light years from Earth with a peaceful and advanced society and the resources to accept many thousands of refugees. However, the ceaseless bickering among the delegates led the SGC to withdraw the offer, not wanting to subject the Madronans to the likes of the Langarans. SG-1 cooperated with Jonas Quinn and successfully used a deep underground excavation vehicle to trigger an explosion along a fault line which halted the expansion of the naquadria. The destruction of the planet was prevented, however when Ori warships entered the galaxy, Langara was one of many worlds that fell to the armies of the Ori.

Cross Reference: Andari Federation, Deep Underground Excavation Vehicle, Dreylock, Vin Eremal, Kelowna, Naquadria, Ori, P2S-4C3, Jonas Quinn, Lucia Tarthus, Tirania

Episode Reference: Fallout