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Tirania is one of three major nations on P2S-4C3, later known as Langara. Kelowna, Tirania, and the Andari Federation had been locked in a cold war for generations, and a non-aggression pact between the Tiranians and the Andaris led to a global war with Kelowna. The war ended abruptly when the Kelownans used their naquadria bomb, and in the negotiations that followed, Ambassador Sevaarin led the Tiranian peace delegation. A Joint Ruling Council was established, with delegates from each of the three nations, and Council member Vin Eremal represented the Tiranians during negotiations when unstable naquadria threatened to obliterate the planet. The Tiranians are highly suspicious of the Kelownans, and the bitterness among the three nations made successful negotiation nearly impossible. However, when Ori warships entered the galaxy, Langara was one of many worlds that fell to the armies of the Ori.

Cross Reference: Andari Federation, Vin Eremal, Kelowna, Langara, P2S-4C3, Sevaarin

Episode Reference: Meridian, Shadow Play, Homecoming, Fallout