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Loc'na ko

The Loc'na ko is a group of planets whose resources were depleted by mining. According to Jaffa legend, Osiris hid on a planet of the Loc'na ko, a legend which closely parallels the Earth mythology of Kheb. By comparing the databases for the Abydos cartouche and the map of the Ancients, SG-1 was able to locate Kheb as a planet within the Loc'na ko.

Coordinates for other planets of the Loc'na ko include:

  • 22-03-38-15-34-32
  • 24-09-21-34-30-07
  • 10-40-19-20-25-37
  • 22-29-11-26-10-17
  • 36-31-35-12-29-32
  • 22-27-34-14-04-19

Cross Reference: Kheb

Episode Reference: Maternal Instinct