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Martice, the Sovereign of Talthus, had no need of a lottery to be chosen as one of the passengers of the Stromos, a cryogenic ship built to carry the survivors of Talthus to Ardena. When the Stromos crashed on P2A-347, Martice's body was one of several that died as the cryogenic compartments began to fail. Desperate to preserve as many of his people as he could, Officer Pharrin downloaded the consciousness of at least a dozen passengers, including Martice, into Daniel Jackson. Extremely arrogant, and outraged by the disaster, Martice put his own welfare before that of his people. He refused to accept Pharrin's decision to remove the souls Daniel carried in order to preserve the last of their race, and he demanded that there would be no sacrifice of any kind. Instead, however, Pharrin agreed to restore Daniel and absorb the personalities Daniel carried, including Martice, within himself.

Portrayed by: Michael Shanks

Cross Reference: Keenin, P2A-347, Pharrin, Stromos, Talthus, Tryan

Episode Reference: Lifeboat