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Officer Pharrin was one of the crew aboard the Stromos, the ship which had been designed to carry the survivors of Talthus to Ardena. As an officer, he had been allowed to choose one person from his family to join him, and at his wife's insistence he had chosen his young son, Keenin. The passengers were carried in cryogenic chambers for the long journey, but when the Stromos crashed on P2A-347, the ship began losing power. Pharrin was revived by the computer, and he realized that the power drain had caused other cryogenic compartments to fail. As the bodies died, Pharrin overrode the ship's failsafes and took twelve other souls into his own body. In a desperate attempt to save the last of his people, he used a weapon to render SG-1 unconscious as they explored the ship, and he downloaded another dozen personalities into Daniel Jackson.

SG-1 demanded that he restore Daniel and offered to provide power to the ship to revive the remaining passengers and to relocate them through the stargate if he cooperated. However, Pharrin was faced with the devastating decision to sacrifice the personalities Daniel carried within him, some of whom were among the most precious of all, including his sovereign, Martice, and his own son, Keenin. To preserve the last of his race, Pharrin was convinced to cooperate, but he volunteered instead to absorb the souls from Daniel within himself. Because Daniel's essence had remained in a coma-like state during the ordeal, it was possible to isolate his consciousness and restore him. Pharrin, carrying more than two dozen souls, including Tryan, Martice, and Keenin, remained in suspended animation until the other passengers could be revived to help care for him.

Portrayed by: James Parks

Cross Reference: Keenin, Martice, P2A-347, Sonic Weapon, Stromos, Talthus, Tryan

Episode Reference: Lifeboat