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Nem is one of the amphibious race of beings called Oannes, native to P3X-866. He lives in a technologically advanced sub-marine dwelling, and he communicated with SG-1 using simple speech and an Akkadian cuneiform writing system. He has an exceptionally long life span, and is thousands of years old. His mate, Omoroca, had visited Earth in the time of ancient Babylon 4000 years ago, and had never returned. Still searching for his lost mate, Nem used advanced technology to alter or implant memories in SG-1, in order to convince them that Daniel had perished in flames on the planet. He then detained Daniel for his knowledge of ancient Babylon, refusing to free him until he could learn, "What fate Omoroca."

Portrayed by: Gerard Plunkett

Cross Reference: Oannes, Omoroca

Episode Reference: Fire and Water