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Omoroca, the lost mate of Nem, was of an amphibious race called Oannes from P3X-866. She had visited Earth in the time of ancient Babylon 4000 years ago to fight against the Goa'uld, and was killed by Belus, a Goa'uld conqueror. The history of Belus was recorded by Berossus, a contemporary of Alexander the Great. "And in that place there was Omoroca, a woman who came forth from the heavenly egg, who walked among men by day, but at night, she would retreat to the Great Sea to sleep, one of the beings called Oannes. The God Belus came down unto Babylon, unto the place of Omoroca, and he cut the woman asunder." For four thousand years, Nem had searched in vain to learn "What fate Omoroca."

Cross Reference: Nem, Oannes

Episode Reference: Fire and Water