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On P3X-666, SG-13 encountered a Goa'uld remote reconnaissance probe. The robotic device had a rounded main unit with dangling appendages and blinking lights, and it moved by floating or hovering above the ground. Most likely designed for a function similar to a MALP, the probe contained memory crystals with an immense storage capacity. When it encountered SG-13, it engaged its shields and fired an energy weapon similar to a staff weapon. It resisted machinegun fire, but was disabled when buried by a collapsing wall, and it was sent back to the SGC for study. An examination of the system log, written in Goa'uld, revealed that the probe had also activated a long-range communicator which had alerted the Goa'uld to SG-13's presence on the planet.

Cross Reference: Crystals, MALP, P3X-666

Episode Reference: Heroes