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Selmak, one of the oldest and wisest among the Tok'ra, had shared the host body of Saroosh for many years. When SG-1 first encountered the Tok'ra on P34-353J, Saroosh was dying at the age of 203, and Selmak too faced death without a new host. Jacob Carter agreed to become the new host to Selmak, and through a truly symbiotic relationship, Jacob gained the knowledge and the wisdom of the Tok'ra.

Although Selmak had taken a female host previously, he was referred to as a male once he blended with Jacob. For six years Jacob and Selmak lived among the Tok'ra and often took the role of Tok'ra liaison to Earth. However, at 2000 years old, Selmak was nearing the end of his life, and his health began to deteriorate. At Jacob's insistence, Selmak held on for several weeks so that his knowledge could help to defeat the Replicators at Dakara, however he slipped into a coma immediately after the Ancient device there was activated and was unable to prevent the release of toxins that would kill his host. As Selmak slipped closer to death, Jacob's condition also deteriorated, and at the SGC, both Jacob and Selmak quietly died.

Portrayed by: Joy Coghill, Carmen Argenziano

Cross Reference: Jacob Carter, Garshaw, P34-353J, Tok'ra

Episode Reference: The Tok'ra, Threads