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Pete Shanahan

Pete Shanahan, a policeman from Denver, is a friend of Samantha Carter's brother, Mark. It was through Mark that Pete and Sam met while he was in Colorado Springs working on a case, and they began a romantic relationship.

Although Pete tried to claim that it was an interest in "Barney Miller" that led him to join the police force, he admitted that he had had a bit of a rough time growing up and might have ended up in jail had it not been for one particular cop who had taken an interest in him, and it was his admiration for the officer who had made a difference in his life that had led him to pursue a career in law enforcement himself. He had been married once before, but his wife couldn't handle his career choice and filed for divorce.

Pete's relationship with Carter blossomed quickly, but his instincts as a detective wouldn't allow him to accept her cover story of working with deep space telemetry. He engaged the help of his friend Dave Farrity at the FBI to run a background check on her, and when he learned that her records had been scrubbed, he followed Carter and SG-1 to the stakeout of Osiris at Daniel's house. There he participated in the shootout with Osiris, and he was wounded in the abdomen. He survived his wound and recovered at the SGC infirmary, where Carter received special permission to tell him all the details of the Stargate Program that are classified under Section 11-C-9 of the National Security Act.

Because of his security clearance, Carter later turned to Pete to request his assistance during the investigation of the role of the Trust in framing Teal'c for murder. In the meantime, as their relationship grew more serious, Pete requested a transfer to the Colorado Springs Police Department, and he asked Carter to marry him. Carter considered his proposal for two weeks before accepting, and the two began to make plans for a wedding. Pete even surprised Carter with a down payment on a house, but as the wedding date approached, Carter began to question whether she had made the right decision. Faced with the emotional loss of her father and doubts about her future, Carter approached Pete and broke off their engagement. Hurt by her change of heart, he admitted that her decision was not completely unexpected, and he wished her well, hoping that she finds what she wants.

Portrayed by: David DeLuise*
*Brother of Peter DeLuise

Cross Reference: Mark Carter, Samantha Carter, David Farrity, Harry and Marg

Episode Reference: Chimera, New Order, Affinity, Threads