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General Vidrine

Lieutenant General Vidrine, from the Pentagon, accompanied Major Davis on a visit to the SGC to observe the test flights of the X-301 Interceptor craft. Impressed by the technology, and very supportive of the program, he did not, however, share O'Neill's sense of humor.

General Vidrine was later promoted to four stars and placed in charge of BC-303 production. He returned to the SGC from the Pentagon after significant deposits of naquadah were discovered on P3X-403, and he insisted that if negotiations with the native Unas for mining rights were unsuccessful, he would authorize the use of deadly force to relocate the population and acquire the mineral for BC-303 production.

In the dream given to Daniel by Shifu, General Vidrine also appeared as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the testing of the AG-3 defense system.

Portrayed by: Steven Williams

Cross Reference: AG-3 Defense System, BC-303, P3X-403, Pentagon, X-301, X-303

Episode Reference: Tangent, Absolute Power, Enemy Mine