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Virginia Dialogues

During his time on Earth, Vala's father Jacek attempted repeatedly to ingratiate himself with his daughter. He hoped she would accept when he told her that he had acquired two tickets for that "Virginia Dialogues" show. He didn't know much about it, but tickets were very hard to get, and when Vala refused, he offered the second ticket to Teal'c. Although Jacek had left the planet by Friday, Teal'c attended the show on his own, only to find out too late that the tickets were, in fact, for "The Vagina Monologues." In the all-female audience, Teal'c found himself seated between two women who were far more at ease with his presence than he was.

Audience Members Portrayed by: Ocean Mussack* and Brigitte Prochaska*
*Cameo by Ocean Mussack: Assistant Property Master, and Brigitte Prochaska: Unit Publicist

Cross Reference: Jacek

Episode Reference: Family Ties