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Two hundred years ago, the Volians of P3A-194 were a thriving urban civilization approximating the technological development of 1910 North America. Newspaper archives included pictures and a language similar to ancient Celtic texts from Wales which told of a flu pandemic that had killed millions. When the Aschen arrived in ships and offered a vaccine that saved the population, they were seen as heroes and the Volians joined the Aschen Confederation in a friendship that lasted years. When it was discovered that the Aschen vaccine causes sterility, there were riots, the urban society abruptly ended, and all evidence of the society and the capital city was buried. In 200 years P3A-194 went from an urban civilization of millions to a simple agrarian civilization of thousands. The few remaining Volians, such as Keel, are simple farmers, completely unaware of the planet's past, or of the Aschen agenda.

Cross Reference: Aschen, Keel, Mollem, P3A-194

Episode Reference: 2001