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Mollem is a leading member of the Aschen of P4C-970. He and other Aschen representatives negotiate trade agreements with worlds they encounter, then offer a vaccine which promises long life but causes human sterility to wipe out the population.

In an alternate future, Mollem held a position of influence on Earth under the Aschen Confederation, and he was one of the scientists involved in the Jupiter Ignition Project. By changing history and preventing contact with P4C-970, SG-1 encountered Mollem instead on the Volian world of P3A-194. There he conducted negotiations with Ambassador Joseph Faxon and SG-1 for a trade agreement with Earth. When the Aschen scheme to sterilize the population was discovered and negotiations were ended, Mollem attempted to destroy Earth with a bio-weapon, but his attempt failed when the weapon did not penetrate the iris.

Portrayed by: Dion Luther

Cross Reference: Aschen, Bio-Weapon, Borren, Joseph Faxon, P3A-194, P4C-970, Time Travel 2010, Volians

Episode Reference: 2010, 2001