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Dr. Amuro

Dr. Amuro and Dr. Marell had worked for years on the project, headed by Dr. Reya Varrick, to develop memory implant technology on Galar. When Dr. Varrick was murdered and Mitchell awoke with the memories of the murderer, Dr. Amuro and his colleagues assumed that Mitchell had been framed for a murder that was arranged by the military, and Drs. Amuro and Marell were willing to cooperate with the investigation to determine if Mitchell's memories were genuine. However, an analysis completed by the memory implant technology uncovered several anomalies which eventually revealed that Dr. Marell had been the real murderer and that he had used the device to transfer the memory of the murder into Mitchell's mind before erasing it from his own.

Portrayed by: Benson Simmonds

Cross Reference: Emissary, Galar, Galarans, Dr. Marell, Memory Implant Device, Reya Varrick

Episode Reference: Collateral Damage