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The Emissary is a political leader among the Galarans. When Galar mastered stargate travel, the Emissary acted as an ambassador to other worlds, and he had visited over a dozen inhabited planets, but he had also come to realize that Galar was vulnerable, and he was anxious to establish diplomatic relations with other worlds like Earth that might offer defense capabilities. The Emissary was a strong supporter of the Galaran project to develop memory implant technology, however he agreed to the militarization of the project against the wishes of Dr. Reya Varrick, whom he had appointed as the head of the project. When Dr. Varrick was murdered, and Mitchell awoke with the memories of the murderer, the Emissary assumed that Mitchell had been framed, and in the interest of diplomatic relations, he attempted to have Mitchell released and the entire incident put behind them. However, Mitchell insisted on a full investigation, and the Emissary resisted, but reluctantly agreed, offering the limited cooperation of Drs. Amuro and Marell from the project. Eventually Dr. Marell was identified as the murderer, although he had erased the memory of the murder from his own mind, and when the Emissary learned of Marell's guilt, he arranged to have Marell's memories altered once again so that the entire incident could be concealed and dropped and Dr. Marell could return to work, for the good of the project.

Portrayed by: William Atherton

Cross Reference: Dr. Amuro, Galar, Galarans, Dr. Marell, Memory Implant Device, Reya Varrick

Episode Reference: Collateral Damage