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The inhabitants of Galar welcomed SG-1 to their world, and were anxious to establish diplomatic relations with Earth. The Galarans are technologically advanced on a level similar to that of Earth. The planet, once occupied by the Goa'uld, had long been under Asgard protection, however as the Asgard focused on rebuilding their own society, they were less able to defend the worlds under their protection. Galaran archaeologists had recovered a Goa'uld memory device over a hundred years ago, but only recently had Galaran technology advanced to the point that they could understand the device. Within the last year or two, Galaran scientists, including Dr. Reya Varrick, Dr. Marell, and Dr. Amuro, had worked on the project to develop a memory implant device capable of transferring memories from one individual to another. Also within the last two years, Galarans had mastered stargate travel and had visited over a dozen inhabited worlds. The Emissary, the leader among the Galaran people, had acted as the ambassador to these other worlds and had recognized that Galar was technologically vulnerable. Consequently the Galarans believed that their hope for survival lay in trading their memory technology for interstellar and defense capabilities.

With Mitchell as a volunteer, the Galarans demonstrated their memory technology, and the US Joint Chiefs were very interested in pursuing a trade agreement with Galar. Shortly after SG-1's arrival, however, Dr. Reya Varrick was murdered, and Mitchell awoke with the memories of her murderer. The Galaran penalty for murder is death, but in the interest of diplomatic relations, the Emissary assumed that Mitchell's memory had been implanted, and he chose to overlook the incident, informing Mitchell that he was free to go. However, Mitchell demanded justice and insisted that the real killer be found. With the reluctant cooperation of the Emissary and Drs. Marell and Amuro, Mitchell submitted to the memory procedure again, and the device determined that Dr. Marell had committed the murder, after which he had erased his own memory and implanted it into Mitchell. Rather than prosecute Marell for a murder he could not remember, the Emissary arranged for the incident to be covered up. Despite the awkward diplomatic relations, the Galarans and the SGC did establish an alliance and trade agreement, and the SGC acquired a modified version of the memory implant technology.

Cross Reference: Dr. Amuro, Emissary, Galar, Dr. Marell, Memory Implant Device, Reya Varrick

Episode Reference: Collateral Damage