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Minister Chaska became the leader of the Caledonian Federation on Tegalus after the devastating war that was sparked by religious fundamentalists in the Rand Protectorate. Like most Caledonians, she would rather die than live under Rand rule, and she was willing to retaliate against any attack with the full force at her disposal. When a Prior of the Ori offered Rand a powerful satellite weapon, President Nadal of Rand demanded that Caledonia surrender to Rand occupation within five days or be destroyed. SG-1's attempts to disable the weapon failed, and when the Prometheus was destroyed, at least 76 survivors found refuge in Caledonia. Chaska cooperated with Carter's plan to destroy the satellite by first disabling communications with an electromagnetic pulse. However, she recognized that a destroyed weapon could be rebuilt, and when Rand offered a compromise, allowing Caledonians who did not wish to follow Origin to leave Tegalus through the stargate and seek refuge on another planet, Chaska reluctantly agreed to the terms. Under Rand's new president, Goran Pernaux, negotiations began, but soon afterward the talks broke down, warfare resumed, and the fate of Rand and Caledonia is unknown.

Portrayed by: Desiree Zurowski

Cross Reference: Caledonian Federation, Jared Kane, Nadal, Ori Satellite Weapon, Goran Pernaux, Rand Protectorate, Tegalus

Episode Reference: Ethon