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Jared Kane

Jared Kane had been the Chief Aide to Commander Gareth of the Rand Protectorate on Tegalus. When fundamentalist rebels under Soren overwhelmed the capital, Kane and Daniel were wounded in the battle to capture the command bunker. They were found and rescued by loyalist soldiers, and Kane sent Daniel to a safe home outside the city where his wife, Leda, nursed him through his recovery. Daniel convinced Kane that with help from the SGC, it was possible to retake the bunker. In a coordinated attack, the rebels were defeated, and Kane shot and killed Soren, ending the war.

As his country began to rebuild, Kane became a senator in the new government under President Nadal. However, when a Prior visited his world and offered the plans for a satellite weapon that would guarantee his nation's domination over the neighboring Caledonians, Kane vowed that no more lives, Rand or Caledonian, would be senselessly lost due to archaic prejudices or religious extremism, and he accessed the stargate without approval to come to the SGC and seek Daniel's help to save his planet.

Believing that the weapon must be destroyed and that Rand and Caledonia must put aside their differences and face the threat of the Ori together, Kane and Daniel returned to Rand, but they were immediately arrested, charged with treason, and detained for trial as enemies of the state. However, Commander Pernaux had been swayed by Kane's warnings, and when he gained control of the government, Kane was released. Negotiations between Rand and Caledonia began, but the nations were soon plunged into war once again, and Jared Kane's fate is unknown.

Portrayed by: Matthew Bennett

Cross Reference: Avidan, Great Ring of Avidan, Caledonian Federation, Chaska, Gareth, Leda Kane, Nadal, Ori Satellite Weapon, Goran Pernaux, Rand Protectorate, Soren, Tegalus

Episode Reference: Icon, Ethon