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Caledonian Federation

The Caledonian Federation and the Rand Protectorate are the two major powers on Tegalus, and they had been locked in a state of cold war for decades, each nation controlling enough weapons to wipe the other off the face of the planet. The planet's stargate, known as the Great Ring of Avidan, had been located in the Rand Protectorate, and SG-1's arrival through the gate prompted the rise of a group of religious fundamentalists under the leadership of Soren. The leader of Caledonia, Minister Treydan, established strict martial law to ensure domestic security, but he considered Soren's rise to power in Rand a threat to his own nation. When Caledonia launched a preemptive strike against Rand's missile sites, Soren retaliated with a counterattack, and both nations were plunged into a global war with widespread devastation. Once Soren had been defeated with the help of SG-1, the nations began the task of rebuilding.

A year later, both nations were still struggling to recover when a Prior of the Ori arrived through the stargate. Many in Rand began turning to Origin, but Caledonia refused to accept anything that Rand embraced. The Prior offered a powerful satellite weapon to the Rand nation, which demanded that Caledonia surrender to Rand occupation within five days or be destroyed. SG-1's attempts to negotiate with Rand and to dismantle the weapon failed, but Minister Chaska, the new leader of Caledonia, accepted SG-1's assistance to target the weapon and protect her nation. As SG-1 used an electromagnetic pulse to temporarily disable satellite communications, Rand offered a compromise. In exchange for leaving the satellite intact, Caledonians who did not wish to follow Origin would be permitted to leave Tegalus through the stargate and seek refuge on another planet. Reluctantly, Chaska agreed to the terms. Negotiations began, but soon afterward the talks broke down, Caledonia launched an attack, and Rand responded in kind. The stargate is presumed buried in the rubble.

Cross Reference: Avidan, Great Ring of Avidan, Chaska, Gareth, Jared Kane, Leda Kane, Nadal, Ori Satellite Weapon, Goran Pernaux, Rand Protectorate, Soren, Tegalus

Episode Reference: Icon, Ethon