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Great Ring of Avidan

When the people of the Rand Protectorate on Tegalus first discovered the stargate in the Kirellian Wastelands over 150 years ago, researchers estimated it to be at least several thousand years old. History told of an age when all-powerful gods ruled over the planet, and the ring was the source of their power. In modern times, these stories were considered merely legends, and many believed the ring was constructed by ancient worshippers to honor their gods, who were probably represented by the ring's peculiar and undecipherable symbols. The ring came to be known as the Great Ring of Avidan, from an ancient Goa'uld word meaning "the gods are just," and it became the highlight of the antiquities collection at the museum. No one understood the ring's true purpose until it suddenly activated one day before a crowd of stunned museum visitors, and SG-1 made first contact with the planet. However, the activation of the ring prompted religious fundamentalists to return to the ancient beliefs, and fundamentalist uprisings plunged the planet into global war.

Cross Reference: Avidan, Caledonian Federation, Gareth, Jared Kane, Leda Kane, Rand Museum Guide, Rand Protectorate, Soren, Tegalus

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