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Commander Gareth was the leader of the Rand Protectorate on Tegalus. He welcomed SG-1 to his planet and hoped to establish a foundation of trust and the trade of knowledge and technology with Earth. As the rise of religious fundamentalists under the leadership of Soren sent his nation toward civil war, however, Gareth attempted in vain to plead for patience from Minister Treydan of the rival nation of Caledonia, who saw Rand's civil unrest as a threat to his own country. When Soren seized control of the Rand Protectorate and captured the command bunker, Gareth was taken prisoner and executed.

Portrayed by: Timothy Webber

Cross Reference: Avidan, Great Ring of Avidan, Caledonian Federation, Jared Kane, Leda Kane, Rand Protectorate, Soren, Tegalus

Episode Reference: Icon