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Soren was the leader of a group of religious fundamentalists in the Rand Protectorate on Tegalus who believed that all life on the planet was created by ancient gods, and that these gods would someday return to reward the faithful. Most considered the fundamentalists to be zealots who took the ancient texts too literally, however, when SG-1's arrival on the planet activated the stargate, known as the Great Ring of Avidan, many saw it as confirmation of the ancient beliefs, and the religious movement grew.

Soren managed to unite the fundamentalist factions of the Rand Protectorate into a rebel army. He seized control of the country, renaming his new nation Avidan, and plunged the planet into global war. The SGC offered Soren food and medical supplies to stabilize his country in return for assistance in finding Daniel, who had been wounded and stranded on the planet, however Soren turned down the offer, instead requesting weapons technology which he intended to use to take control of the rival nation of Caledonia, thus purging all nonbelievers from the planet. When SG-1 planned to retake Soren's command bunker using a coordinated attack from SG teams and Rand loyalists under the command of Jared Kane, the rebels were defeated, and Soren was shot and killed by Kane, bringing an end to the war.

Portrayed by: James Kidnie

Cross Reference: Avidan, Great Ring of Avidan, Caledonian Federation, Gareth, Jared Kane, Leda Kane, Rand Protectorate, Tegalus

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