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Eggar is an inhabitant of P3X-367. His people were victims of a plague which left many disfigured, and when Nirrti arrived on the planet he became a victim of her renewed experiments to create a hok'tar, or advanced human, through genetic manipulation. He was repeatedly subjected to the DNA resequencer which altered his genetic structure and resulted in the development of telepathic abilities. He used telepathy to learn Nirrti's true purpose, turning the people against her as a god. Before her death he was able to take the information from her mind which enabled him to adjust the DNA resequencer to reverse its effects and make his people whole once more.

Portrayed by: Alex Zahara

Cross Reference: Alebran, DNA Resequencer, Sergei Evanov, Hok'tar, Nirrti, P3X-367, Wodan

Episode Reference: Metamorphosis