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DNA Resequencer

On P3X-367, SG-1 discovered an incredibly advanced piece of alien technology, perhaps originally built by the Ancients. The DNA resequencer, also referred to as a gene splicing machine or a DNA manipulation device, made possible genetic manipulation by directly altering human DNA in real time. Nirrti used the device on the inhabitants of the planet in her continuing experiments to create a hok'tar, or advanced human host. The device resulted in mutations including powers of telekinesis and telepathy, and eventually caused cells to break down until the body simply disintegrated into liquid. In addition to the inhabitants of the planet, Carter, Jonas, and Colonel Evanov were also subjected to the machine. The device was probably responsible for the growth of new tissue in Jonas's brain some weeks later which gave him precognitive abilities and threatened his life. After Nirrti's death, the inhabitants of the planet planned to use the device to make their people whole again, and then they intended to destroy it.

Anubis had also used a version of the DNA resequencer. In a secret underground lab on P3X-584, Anubis had used the device to replicate his own pre-ascension DNA, and by combining it with human DNA he was able to create Khalek, a hybrid prototype that possessed his own genetic memories but had physiological genetic characteristics similar to the pre-ascended Ancients. Khalek was given treatments in the device, which caused physiological changes in his brain, then after some weeks or months during which he adjusted to his new abilities, the treatments were repeated. The gradual process would eventually result in enough physical evolution and mental control for Khalek to shed his physical body and exist as energy. However, Anubis's experiments were stopped abruptly before completion, and Khalek remained in stasis on the planet.

Cross Reference: Alebran, Ancients, Anubis, Brain Scan Device, Eggar, Sergei Evanov, Hok'tar, Khalek, Nirrti, P3X-367, P3X-584, Jonas Quinn, Wodan

Episode Reference: Metamorphosis, Prophecy, Prototype