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P3X-584 is located in a region of space near a black hole. When Carter and SG-5 gated there to ascertain if there were any signs of supergate activity, they were in inexplicably sent to the wrong planet, 12,000 light years off course. A gate diagnostic determined that the problem was due to the planet's peculiar security system. The system filters incoming matter based on certain protocols, for example organic vs. inanimate. Living matter arriving through the gate is stored in the buffer and triggers an automated request for an authorization code every 8.5 seconds. If the proper code is not entered in time, the gate dials a random address and empties the buffer into a new wormhole, similar to interstellar call forwarding. However, Carter was able to write a program that would respond to the authorization request, and SG-1 and SG-5 were able to bypass the security system and arrive on the planet.

P3X-584 is a forested world with open grassy meadows. Examination of the previously detected gravitational anomalies revealed that the black hole in that region of space showed no signs of Ori activity, however the teams did discover a ring platform leading to an underground laboratory. The lab had belonged to Anubis and contained a DNA resequencer and a stasis chamber which held Khalek, a genetic hybrid that Anubis had synthesized from his own replicated DNA. Khalek was returned to the SGC and the logs and records of the lab revealed that Anubis had intended to create a highly evolved human capable of ascension. Khalek proved to be a significant threat, and he attempted to escape and return to the planet in order to use the DNA resequencer to achieve ascension. However, Carter had reconfigured the call forwarding feature of the DHD so that the gate automatically sent an incoming wormhole back to Earth, and Khalek was rerouted to the SGC, where he was terminated.

Cross Reference: Major Altman, Ancient Stasis Chamber, Anubis, Black Hole, DNA Resequencer, Khalek

Episode Reference: Prototype