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Wodan is an inhabitant of P3X-367, and the brother of Alebran. His people had suffered a plague which left many deformed, and when Nirrti arrived on the planet, he became a victim of her renewed experiments to create a hok'tar, or advanced human, through genetic manipulation. Through repeated exposure to the DNA resequencer, his genetic structure was altered, he became more disfigured, and he began to develop telekinetic abilities. When he learned of Nirrti's true purpose, he killed her using telekinesis to strangle her and snap her neck. After Nirrti's death, the inhabitants planned to use the DNA resequencer to cure themselves of their illness.

Portrayed by: Dion Johnstone

Cross Reference: Alebran, DNA Resequencer, Eggar, Sergei Evanov, Hok'tar, Nirrti, P3X-367

Episode Reference: Metamorphosis