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Evalla was one of the inhabitants of the domed village on P3X-289. She was married to Pallan, and she welcomed SG-1 into her home, willingly sharing the culture and technology of her society, including the neural interface device known as the link, and the ancient written records in the town's archives.

In order to maintain population control within the shrinking dome, the central computer system used the link to instruct random individuals to walk beyond the barrier of the dome into the toxic atmosphere, and then altered the memories of the villagers so that the death would not be noticed. When Evalla was selected to be sacrificed, only SG-1 realized that she was missing, and Pallan had no memory of having been married.

Portrayed by: Tiffany Knight

Cross Reference: Councilman, Councilwoman, Kendrick, Link, Nevin, P3X-289, Pallan

Episode Reference: Revisions