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Pallan had been one of the inhabitants of the domed village on P3X-289. He was a technician responsible for maintaining the computer system which controlled the dome's force field and the neural link which connected all the inhabitants. He freely shared his technology with Carter, and refused to acknowledge Carter's concern that the link was altering people's memories so that they would not be aware that the dome was shrinking. Pallan had been married to Evalla, but when the link instructed Evalla to walk beyond the dome, and then erased all memory of her in the minds of the inhabitants, Pallan believed that he had never been married. When Pallan was shown ancient written records confirming the discrepancy in the village's population, he was convinced to remove his link and to reprogram the revisions sent to the other inhabitants. Pallan and the inhabitants of P3X-289 were relocated to another homeworld.

Portrayed by: Christopher Heyerdahl

Cross Reference: Councilman, Councilwoman, Evalla, Kendrick, Link, Nevin, P3X-289

Episode Reference: Revisions