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Nevin and his father Kendrick were inhabitants of the domed village on P3X-289. Nevin greeted SG-1 when they arrived in the garden village, and he and Kendrick welcomed them into their home. A friendly, curious, and precocious child, Nevin idolized O'Neill, and wanted to grow up to be an explorer, however, after a revision of the neural interface link that connected the population, Nevin insisted that he wanted to become a gardener like his father. When the people realized that the dome protecting their village was failing, Nevin and the inhabitants of P3X-289 were relocated to a new homeworld.

Portrayed by: Liam Ranger

Cross Reference: Councilman, Councilwoman, Evalla, Kendrick, Link, P3X-289, Pallan

Episode Reference: Revisions