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Ma'chello's Inventions

Ma'chello's laboratory on P3W-924 contained a hand-held database with schematic diagrams and notes using an original alphabet code that is a mixture of ancient Latin and Greek, similar to his native language. Among his inventions were a type of medical hibernation chamber for life support which probably extended his life, a device to exchange personalities, and a number of devices to kill the Goa'uld.

His Goa'uld killing inventions, designed to be released from a specially designed tablet and page turning device, were also found in the Linvris chamber on PY3-948. They had probably been planted there before his death and activated months later, killing the nine Linvris in the sealed chamber. The tablet had used a Goa'uld dialect similar to Latin and referred to an attack plan, "In'trom Popra Cursor're" meaning "to enter by infiltration." The devices were activated ten at a time by the page turning device, and would infiltrate the host body, killing the symbiote, and dying when they recognized the protein marker left behind in the host. In an uninfected human, however, they cause symptoms of schizophrenia, migraines, paranoid delusions, and hallucinations. Daniel, Teal'c, O'Neill, and Fraiser were all infected by the devices, but were cured by an injection of a synthetically produced protein marker. All of Ma'chello's devices have been moved to Area 51 for study.

Cross Reference: Area 51, Hazmat, Linvris, Ma'chello, Dr. MacKenzie, P3W-924, PY3-948, Personality Transfer Device, Tablet and PTD, Dr. Warner

Episode Reference: Holiday, Legacy