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Dr. MacKenzie

Dr. MacKenzie is a colonel on staff with the SGC. As a psychiatrist, he is often consulted for cases dealing with issues of mental health, including post-traumatic symptoms, delusional behavior, and altered memory or brainwashing. He treated SG-1 for symptoms of post-traumatic stress after they returned from the planet Oannes believing that Daniel was dead, and he used hypnosis to diagnose the nature of their altered memories. He believed that Daniel's symptoms of schizophrenia caused by Ma'chello's inventions were in fact due to side effects of gate travel. He also treated Teal'c after he had been brainwashed by Apophis, although his methods were not as effective as the Rite of M'al Sharran. Dr. MacKenzie was also consulted by Dr. Fraiser after SG-1 returned from P2A-347, and he concluded from his analysis of Daniel's EEG and MRI that Daniel's consciousness had retreated into a coma-like state, and that the consciousness of as many as a dozen passengers of the Stromos had been downloaded into his mind.

Portrayed by: Eric Schneider

Cross Reference: Ma'chello's Inventions

Episode Reference: Children of the Gods, Fire and Water, Legacy, Threshold