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03.04 Episode 48 (#6525)
Airdate: July 16, 1999

On PY3-948, the SG-1 team finds the bodies of the Linvris, a league of lesser Goa'uld. The cause of death is unknown, but after returning to Earth Daniel begins experiencing hallucinations and is diagnosed with schizophrenia. Soon afterward Teal'c collapses, and the cause is traced to an artifact from the planet, a tablet containing tiny Goa'uld killing parasites created by Ma'chello. However, when the parasites are examined in the lab, they infect O'Neill, Carter, and Fraiser as well. A unique protein marker in Carter provides immunity, but she must find a way to transfer this immunity to the others.

Written by: Tor Alexander Valenza
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Kevin McNulty as Dr. Warner, Eric Schneider as Dr. MacKenzie, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Michael Shanks as Ma'chello

Reference: Hazmat, Linvris, Ma'chello, Ma'chello's Inventions, Dr. MacKenzie, PY3-948, Tablet and PTD, Dr. Warner


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants

Ma'chello's Inventions


  • The Linvris are a rival league of lesser Goa'uld who challenge the System Lords. There are nine of them, all found dead, killed a month earlier, on PY3-948.
  • The tablet and page turning device, similar to that on Argos, is in a Goa'uld dialect similar to Latin and refers to an attack plan, "In'trom Popra Cursor're" meaning "to enter by infiltration."
  • When a Goa'uld symbiote dies, it decays and is absorbed by the host leaving behind a unique protein marker. Carter has the protein from Jolinar, and O'Neill, Teal'c and Fraiser were injected with it.
  • Ma'chello's inventions are activated ten at a time by the page turning device (PTD). They infiltrate the host body, killing the symbiote, and die when they recognize the protein marker. In an uninfected human they cause symptoms of schizophrenia, including increased dopamine levels, migraines, paranoid delusions, and auditory and visual hallucinations.
  • Ma'chello's planet, previously P3W-924, is referred to as P3C-599.
  • All Ma'chello's devices have been moved to Area 51 for study.


  • Why didn't they come through my closet? Aside from the fact that yours is cleaner? [O'Neill]
  • Why don't we just put a little sign at the base of the ramp that says 'Gate travel may be hazardous to your health'? I can live with that. [O'Neill]
  • That's because it was just stress. And I have a very calming effect on stressed-out people. [O'Neill]
  • I'd like to apologize in advance for anything I may say or do that could be construed as offensive as I slowly go NUTS!! [O'Neill]


  • Injuries:
    • Daniel: infected by 1 of Ma'chello's inventions, causing symptoms of schizophrenia
    • O'Neill: infected by 3 of Ma'chello's inventions, injected with the protein marker
    • Fraiser: infected by 3 of Ma'chello's inventions, injected with the protein marker
    • Carter: infected by 4 of Ma'chello's inventions but rejected by the protein marker
    • Teal'c: infected by Ma'chello's invention, attacking the symbiote, injected with the protein marker