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Silver Creek

Silver Creek is a small community in northern Minnesota. Jack O'Neill owns a cabin in the wooded parkland near Silver Creek, about 20 miles from the nearest town and connected by a single road that can wash out in bad weather. The cabin on the water is a favorite vacation spot for O'Neill who enjoys fishing there, although he insists that his inability to catch anything is due to a lack of fish in the pond. O'Neill has often spent his leave time alone at the cabin, and at O'Neill's persistent invitation, the members of SG-1 have also joined him for some fishing. Since his transfer to Washington, O'Neill hasn't been able to spend as much time at the cabin, and he has made it available for use by Landry and SG-1.

Landry and Mitchell were visiting the cabin near Silver Creek when a Trust operative was stationed in the area, using a modified Sodan cloaking device for inconspicuous surveillance. The device unexpectedly allowed inter-dimensional parasites within the subspace field to cross over from an alternate dimension into ours. The parasites then entered indigenous animals, possibly a bear, which underwent a drastic mutation to become monstrous predators. Two hunters and Sheriff Wade Stokes were killed by the creatures, and SG teams were called in to eliminate the threat. Two of the mutated creatures were killed in the wooded park northwest of Silver Creek Junction, and a radioactive perimeter of the park was set up and maintained for another week to ensure that no other creatures existed. Landry and SG-1 were then able to enjoy some social bonding at the cabin.

Location: Murdo Frazer Park, North Vancouver

Cross Reference: Inter-Dimensional Parasites, Hank Landry, Jack O'Neill, Wade Stokes

Episode Reference: The Curse, 2010, Threads, Moebius, Uninvited