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Cicero, a researcher at the museum on P4M-328, had suspected for years that the stargate was a portal for travel to other worlds. He had published dozens of papers and had written a book, but no one had listened, and among his colleagues he was considered a bit of a joke.

When SG-1 arrived on the planet and inadvertently interrupted a formal reception being held in the museum, they were mistaken as rebels and became the unwitting captors in a hostage situation. Cicero was among the hostages, but he alone believed SG-1's story that they were interplanetary explorers rather than rebels. He believed that the first contact with people from another world was a great day in the history of his planet, and he willingly offered his cooperation to SG-1.

Cicero escorted Mitchell and Vala to his lab to search for DHD fragments that could include a power source to dial the gate, and he slipped out of the museum to try to convince Quartus, the chief negotiator, of SG-1's true intentions. When SWAT teams stormed the building and the hostage crisis culminated in a standoff, Cicero joined Mitchell and Daniel in persuading Quartus to allow the team to leave peacefully. He was outraged, however, to learn that Quartus intended to cover up the entire incident. SG-1 has since been unable to make contact with P4M-328, and it is likely that Cicero was unsuccessful at convincing his people to pursue relations with other worlds.

Portrayed by: Joshua Malina

Cross Reference: Attius, Heren, Lourdes Malay, P4M-328, Quartus, Jayem Seran, Sylvana, Varina

Episode Reference: Bad Guys